[CentOS] Can't get JRE to install so that FireFox sees it [SOLVED]

Dave Gutteridge dave at tokyocomedy.com
Wed Sep 21 16:59:53 UTC 2005

> Simple way  "yum install j2re mozilla-j2re" from dag's repository. It
> sets everything up for you.

After some fiddling I discovered that I had to remove the j2re that I
had installed manually by using rpm -e. I also deleted the directory as
well, just to be sure.

And then I installed using the YUM command above, and it installed nice
and easy. It even automatically connected with FireFox so that I didn't
have to do any extra configurations within FireFox. I just fired up the
browser and I had Java applets running.

A small side note, just for possible future reference, is that the
reason I didn't find the Java runtime environment on Dag in the first
place is that I searched for it using "jre" instead of "j2re". D'oh!

Thank you everyone for helping out, including those who offered
suggestions on how to edit FireFox's configuration, which I'm lucky to
have not needed, but it's great that everyone had such helpful advice.


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