[CentOS] Evolution

Bill Baird Bill.Baird at phoenixmi.com
Wed Sep 21 20:32:39 UTC 2005

>Yep.. tried host:port, and it tells me its an unknown service or name.
>Oddly, the inbound works, so I know it's resolving the hostname/IP.  In fact, the server is in resolv.conf and in the >/etc/hosts file.  named on this machine is just a caching server, but seems to resolve everything else.  Don't think it's >a port issue either, altho I may give that a shot on the router.

You might want to try telnetting to the server you are trying to use, just to make sure you have the correct server & port and that your internet connection is functioning properly.

"telnet servername port", if it works you should get a welcome message from the mailserver. If it can connect, then evolutio isn't the problem.


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