[CentOS] Bryan Smith: Thanks for the IPCop recommendation

Bill Maltby wild-bill at triad.rr.com
Wed Sep 21 22:39:40 UTC 2005

A few weeks back I had tried to install CentOS on my old AMD 5x6x (equiv 
to P75 performance) with plans to use it as my firewall and router. 
Because there were some problems relating to RPM compile architecture 
(apparently), I posted and Bryan suggested IPCop, even at peril to his 
life on these lists ;-)
according to him. ;-)  ;-)

Just wanted to tell him thanks, it's worked out well. Had three old ISA 
NICs (3Com combos BNC and TP), configured them for 3 different IRQs and 
IOBEG addresses and have it working beautifully. Have 3 zones and a 
recent download of several files sized *teen megabytes and larger gave 
me throughput of 590-600 KB/sec off my cable modem. I am out in the 
low-density boonies, but I still feel this is fairly impressive.

They even have a boot diskette available to support those old BIOS that 
won't boot CDs, as this unit was.

So, thanks Bryan.

I'm trying to configure a backup unit on an old Aptiva DX2/66. Have 1 
ISA Etherjet. Need a couple more ISA NICS that are configurable for 
IRQ/IOBASE. Anyone that wants to put two old good ISA NICS into a home 
where they will be cared for and appreciated, send me an email with 
details, if config diskette available (even if off the net), price, etc. 
I'll pay shipping too. Remove the underscores in the following address.

      w_ild-_bi_ll_ at _tra_id._rr._c_o_m


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