[CentOS] GFS / CS / DS Questions about install and examples.

Cesar Lagarrigue clagarrigue at bee.cl
Thu Sep 22 15:37:23 UTC 2005

I read about the technology and i found all amazing and great 
challenger, i like to test and install soon---, for this reason i have 
some question about this.


I see the gfs and cs download into 
http://bender.it.swin.edu.au/centos-3/ and 
What are the diference in both packages?
Anyone has using this technologies? and example of their installation ? 
link of howto , etc...
any conf to share?


Fedora Directory Server and Redhat Directory Server are the same ? i 
read only the support of this are the difference.
Any know if Fedora build support sync with Active Directory?
Any have a build of srpms of DS Fedora for install into Centos 3/4?
Any have the "orig" srpms of DS? i search and not found nothing... when 
redhat release the srpms ? anyone know this ?

Thanks for the help.

Cesar Lagarrigue V.

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