[CentOS] Sound device has been blown away

Steven Vishoot sir_funzone at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 22 18:17:21 UTC 2005

--- Dave Gutteridge <dave at tokyocomedy.com> wrote:

> > 
> > for giggles check your sound card itself to make
> sure
> > it is seated properly. It could be little bit
> lose.
> My Sound device is actually connected by USB. I've
> double checked to
> make sure the cable is connected okay.
> I'm also considering another possibility. I had the
> sound cut out again
> on me, and it was at a time when a download was
> completing and the file
> was being saved. I think playing sound at the same
> time as the CPU is
> doing a lot of work overwhelms the system a bit.
> Just a theory at this point.
> Dave
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if i remember correctly the way you have the sound set
up with firefox that it is CPU hog? correct if i wrong


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