[CentOS] Recommendation On Ping And Alert Tool

Todd Reed treed at astate.edu
Thu Sep 22 19:37:49 UTC 2005

Try OpenNMS.  Nagios and Zabbix can also do historical data, although I'm
not sure about SNMP.  I've tried using both and by dar, I feel that OpenNMS
is easier to work with.  The installation of Tomcat and Java is the hardest
item.  I do know that OpenNMS can do SNMP.  Pretty much, I give OpenNMS the
IP address and it finds the common services.  You may have to go in and
define custom services (I had to since my Oracle servers have multiple
listener ports).  It will try the default SNMP string, but if you change it,
there is a web form to change it.  You can also enter your asset information
through the web form.

You can also create custom reports that can be called on the fly.

Check out http://www.opennms.org for the screen shots and more information.

I've been working with it for about 2 weeks and already I'm able to do more
with it than Nagios or Zabbix.  The only thing I liked about Nagios is the
WRML graph, but I mainly want to see a status grid and that's it.


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On Thu, 2005-09-22 at 14:21, Todd Reed wrote:
> I previously used Nagios and because of the painful configurations, I
> OpenNMS.  It does all I need and more, being more easier than Nagios.  It
> uses PostgreSQL and runs on top of Tomcat4.

Do any of these alternatives combine the ability to monitor current
status with a grid-like display of many systems and services with
notification alarms and also keep long-term historical graphs of
values?   I'm currently running spong for notifications/status and
cacti for history/graphs, but I'd like to find something that does
both with one snmp query.

  Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell at gmail.com

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