[CentOS] Sound device has been blown away

Dave Gutteridge dave at tokyocomedy.com
Sat Sep 24 02:48:12 UTC 2005

> The Flash plugin supports OSS, so getting it to go where you need is a
> matter of fiddling around with your module settings, or changing
> definitions in ALSA to get it pointing to the right place.

Well, I'm quite confused now. I decided that I would rather have a
quicker and more stable environment than have sound working in FireFox,
so I removed the .asoundrc file, thinking that would put me back to
where I was. After all, it was simply creating that file that
transferred sound mixing to the CPU (as far as I could tell).
However, after doing so, I'm still getting sound in FireFox! One thing
that was odd, was that after I removed the .asoundrc file, when I went
to test FireFox, it asked me to reinstall the Flash plug in.
So, did reinstalling Flash somehow improve my set up?
Are the settings of the no longer existing .asoundrc file still somehow
in effect? My computer seems to be running stable again, so it feels
like sound is no longer being handled on the CPU. But then how is sound
working in FireFox again?

> Well, if the Kenwood has a digital input then you should be able to have
> the SB Live! generate a digital-only signal and feed it into the
> Kenwood.

The only digital input that the Kenwood has that I know of is the USB. I
don't think i can run a USB from the SB Live card to the Kenwood.
Actually, I looked at the back of the computer last night, and much to
my surprise, I actually do have a sound card. Sound Blaster I believe. I
thought I removed it years ago when I got my Kenwood.
I remember it was a bit of a struggle getting Windows to find the right
driver to run the Kenwood via USB. I have no idea how CentOS is doing
it, just that it works and it works well.
Or at least it did until I started mucking with it. Right now the status
is that after having created and then removed the .asoundrc file, it now
cuts out once in a while, and loses the Kenwood audio device.

Although I'm learning some, and your explanations help me understand
piece by piece, I'm still baffled by the end results I'm getting.


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