[CentOS] up2date upgrade-to-release question

Alexandru E. Ungur alexandru at globalterrasoft.ro
Mon Sep 26 05:48:29 UTC 2005

Hi all,

I just wanted to ask if anybody did a 
# up2date --upgrade-to-release=4.1
on CentOS 3.5 box?

I did it and I'm having a bit of problems. The box just dies... at intervals 
between half a day and a couple of days. Initially I considered it was a hw
problem, so I had the tech support check it out, and they just switched the
box with another, and put the harddisks back on the new box... Unfortunately
the dying problem remaind so that's why I started considering that maybe 
something other that hw could be the problem. So did anybody on the list do 
such an upgrade, and was it all 100% ok ?


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