[CentOS] Programmer types

Sam Drinkard sam at wa4phy.net
Mon Sep 26 14:57:13 UTC 2005

Tim Edwards wrote:

> Sam Drinkard wrote:
>  I'm at the point now till I have just about run out of options,
>> and after looking at a 2.3.3 version rpm, it won't install because of 
>> dependencies and I'm just not going that far with this.
> If its an RPM for another distro you'd almost certainly have to do an 
> rpm --nodeps glibc.xxx.rpm to get it installed as it will probably 
> depend on the packages and versions of packages in that other distro.
> Of course this is a very, very hacky solution - use at your own risk 
> and only on a non-production box :)
Hi Tim,

    Yeah, I looked at that option, and I'm just not ready to get into 
that kind of mess.  There surely has to be another reason for this 
problem, as others have built the software without so many library 
problems, however that may be due to them using earlier versions of RH 
or distros, and earlier compilers.  Time for more research I guess...



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