[CentOS] up2date upgrade-to-release question

Robert roberth at abbacomm.net
Mon Sep 26 18:14:54 UTC 2005

} Since I asked this question originally, and my good friend Bob Hanson more
} or less told me the same thing, it is good to see the logical outcome of
} trying after I was warned. 8) Let us hope that in future releases the
} developers at least allow us to do upgrades, but at the present time, it
} does NOT seem something one would recommend.
} Dave


my experience with it was ok.

as was discussed on the list ohhhhh so long ago... that the best possible
"potential" way to upgrade was to boot with new CD's and do a

linux upgradeany

or was it a

linux text upgradeany

at the time i went from 3.3 to 3.4 via yum and then to 4.0 with the proposed
_linux upgradeany_, as i had a test pre-production box... if that makes

please note i recall there were some issues with yum at that time too plus
yum was upgraded and it was also different in 3.x vrs 4.x... wasnt it? pitr

it worked great, yet i didnt like that after the upgrade some KDE settings
were not as i expected and it just wasnt "fresh"... although it was a very
functional server that was running the www.qmailrocks.org setup and it did
not break it other than...

...i was not running SQL on the machine, mod_auth_sql or something like that
had to be deal with after the fact and disabled... when i went to admin the
box via http interface, i couldnt login.

what this all means is i would rather do a fresh install of 4.x and then
make it a production box OR backup everything, make a new box and mnigrate/


  - rh

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