[CentOS] booting from copied ext3 software raid fs to normal fs

dan1 dan1 at edenpics.com
Mon Sep 26 21:14:08 UTC 2005

>You could try booting the machine to single user mode. Interrupt the
>boot at grub, use 'e' for edit, go to the kernel line, hit 'e', add an s
>on the end of the line and hit 'b' to boot. if you can get to single
>user mode, then you can try working your way through the various start
>up scripts to see what is causing the problem.
>Good luck.

Hello, Sean. Thanks for replying.
I tried your suggestion, but it can't even start linux in single mode.
I think that there is a mount problem, but I have double checked the fstab 
file seated on the backup drive and it seems fine to me. Therefore I can't 
understand what prevents the mount to be made properly. Would the vmlinuz or 
initrd images be dependent of the md or hd filesystem type or are they 
exactly the same for both ? Else what other file should I touch that 
involves the mounting operation ?


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