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John Newbigin jnewbigin at ict.swin.edu.au
Mon Sep 26 22:53:26 UTC 2005

First you must enable quota on your filesystem.  Then set quota limits 
for each user or group with edquota or setquota.

This can all be done from the command line.  Some file editing is required.

RTFM here

One additional note, if you want to 'quotacheck /' then it is best to 
boot into runlevel 1, or once booted up, run 'init 1' (or you can supply 
the -m flag to quotacheck)

# This example will set a soft limit of 1,000,000k = 1Gig
# and a hard limit of 1.1 * the soft limit (which is a simple rule I 
like to use)
# no inode (number of files) limits
# on the / filesystem.  If you have /home then it probably belongs there.
setquota -u user1 1000000 1100000 0 0 /


Manny wrote:

>>>Can someone please tell me how I can add quota to users accounts. I'm
> only new so please keep it simple for me. What I need to do is just
> allocate each user 1 gig of disk space.<<
> One easy way to do this is with installing the BlueQuartz gui, which mimics
> a RaQ 550 gui.
> www.nuonce.net/bluequartz.php has a free install .iso with CentOS 4.1 and
> BlueQuartz integrated into it. After install, with the vsite setup via the
> web gui, you can set a template for user accounts, e.g., max allowed disk
> space.
> Manny
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