[Off-list] Re: [CentOS] MythTV on Centos 4

Kirk Bocek t004 at kbocek.com
Mon Sep 26 23:26:55 UTC 2005

Bryan J. Smith wrote:
> Kirk Bocek <t004 at kbocek.com> wrote:
>>- I was originally planning on using KnoppMyth.
>>But their CD appears to be only for i386.
>>Without realizing it, the P4 CPU I picked is one of
>>the newer ones with the x86_64 extensions.
>>It won't boot i386.
> ???  It should run i386 code all-the-same.

That what I thought. But KnoppMyth and CentOS4 i386 *both* repeatedly 
hung during the install process. x86_64 installed without a single hiccup.

>>Thus, my plan B is going with CentOS4 x86_64 
>>and installing from the ATrpms collection.
> Be careful in going to a native x86-64.  A lot of codecs and
> other libraries are not built for x86-64 or compatible, and
> only work with i386 distros.

All I know is ATrpms has a full set of MythTV el4.x86_64 packages and 
they all installed without complaint. ((now lets see if they run...))

>>- I picked up a cheap Radeon 7000 with TV out. Wrong!
>>Various posts seem to say that the TV Out functionality
>>is not supported by the X.org radeon driver. It *does*
>>work with the vesa driver though. I just don't know if
>>video and DVD playback will work with the vesa driver.
>>Does anyone know?
> The nVidia NV25/28 (GeForce4 Ti4x00) cards (_not_ to be
> confused with the NV17/18 aka "GeForce4 MX") are the ultimate
> in compatibility and acceleration right now.  Especially if
> you are going to use the PC3000HDTV and/or MPlayer/libraries.
> Whether you choose the MIT X.org "nv" or the
> feature-rich/stable nVidia "nvidia" driver, you'll get TV out
> and performance -- with the latter being the best.

That's good to know. But after chatting with Scot here, I'm going to use 
the TV out on the PVR-350 that's installed.

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