[CentOS] MythTV on Centos 4

Kirk Bocek t004 at kbocek.com
Wed Sep 28 15:38:54 UTC 2005

Peter Kjellström wrote:
> Intel CPUs with EM64T _will_ work fine with i386 dists. Lots of people pick a 
> i386 dist (even when there is a similar x86_64 dist available) for software 
> and hardware compatibility reasons.
> /Peter

That's what I thought too. I had wanted to run i386 for compatibility. But as I 
mentioned to Brian J. Smith off-list, both KnoppMyth and CentoOS4.1 i386 hung when 
booting off of the install disk. Whereas CentoOS4.1 x86_64 installed without complaint.

Can anyone come up with a reason x86_64 would boot but i386 wouldn't?

On the other side of the compatibility coin, ATrpms has a *full* set of el4.x86_64 
RPMs for MythTV, Lirc, etc. So far, compatibility has not been and issue. I mentioned 
in my first post that I installed the lastest kernel. Turns out that that really 
wasn't needed. ATrpms has all the needed kernel modules pre-compiled for the 
currently released kernel. By going with the latest kernel I've had to compile and 
install all those modules myself.

Kirk Bocek

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