[CentOS] NFS Mount - RH7.3 Server - CentOS 4.1 Client

James Pearson james-p at moving-picture.com
Thu Sep 29 13:19:43 UTC 2005

Tom Brown wrote:
>> Is the server exporting the mount point via NFSv3 or NFSv2?
>> There is an issue with more recent RedHat based mount versions (since 
>> at least FC1) not falling back to trying NFSv2 if the NFSv3 mount fails.
>> Can you mount using '-o nfsvers=2' (using the CentOS4 mount binary)
> interesting...
> # mount -o nfsvers=2 /mnt/cvs/
> works fine using the mount binary from the CentOS4 box -

As said earlier in this thread, RH7.3 normally allows NFSv3 mounts - you 
probably want to check what options are used with rpc.mountd on the 
server - it may have '--no-nfs-version 3' - which will cause this problem.

I have a hack to mount that works round this problem if you are interested.

James Pearson

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