[CentOS] A little iptables help

Aleksandar Milivojevic alex at milivojevic.org
Thu Sep 29 13:58:53 UTC 2005

Quoting Steven Vishoot <sir_funzone at yahoo.com>:

> i was wondering where i can information such as this,
> is there a good howto on the web or can someone
> recommend a good book for this stuff. it would be nice
> to know this stuff since i am trying to get a degree
> in telecommunications which does include some of this.

The manual page for iptables is good read.  The Netfilter web site
(www.netfilter.org) has good documentation.  You might want to follow 
mailing list.  Visit Linux Advanced Routing and Traffic Control page at
lartc.org for how to use firewall marks for making routing decisions (and
there's tons of other advanced stuff covered there).

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