[CentOS] Please recommend a DVD writer for CentOS 4.1

Simone simone72 at email.it
Thu Sep 29 14:28:29 UTC 2005

Aleksandar Milivojevic wrote:

> Morten wrote:
>> Hi.
>> I need to install DVD writers in a CentOS box as part of a backup 
>> setup. I want as little fuss as possible both with HW recognition and 
>> functionality. Can any of you recommend a vendor/product ?
> Hardware mostly works.  However, there are some problems with the 
> software.  See this bug report for details:
> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=136665
> Mostly, DVD-R media will work fine, DVD+R is the problematic one.  
> Also, some people experienced kernel panics when attempting to burn 
> any type of DVDs (while the same hardware burns CD-ROMs just fine).
> Long story short, buy somewhere locally where you can walk in and 
> bring it for full refund if you run into trouble (don't lock yourself 
> with small store that has restocking fees, or does only exchanges and 
> carries maybe two or three different models).  Returning stuff by mail 
> is usually too much fuss and usually you need to pay shipping (so, as 
> I said, choose some big local store with good return policy).
>> Performance of the drive is not an issue. I get confused looking at 
>> all the "+/-RW +R double layer yada yada" when skimming the hardware 
>> lists..
> Get the one that supports media you intend to use.  Most today's 
> models support both "+" and "-" standards (the older ones supported 
> only one of them).  Newer usually have dual layer support too.  If you 
> need DVD-RAM functionality, make sure the box explicitly says so (for 
> example, newer models of LG writers will do all currently existing 
> formats, including DVD-RAM).  Most writers can't write to DVD-RAM, and 
> not all readers can read them (which is shame, DVD-RAM is the ultimate 
> rewritable media).
> Said that, at work I have one Sony DRX-710UL burner that simply 
> doesn't work with 2.6 kernels.  First I had trouble with DVD+R media 
> only, than after couple of kernel updates I started getting kernel 
> panics with any type of DVD media.  Well, at least it seems they are 
> working on the kernel code ;-)
> At home I have LG GSA-5163D.  However, I never attempted connecting it 
> to Linux box (my home Linux box has USB1.1 ports only).  It works 
> perfectly under Windows (but than, all of them do), and does all 
> current DVD formats (+, -, R, RW, DVD-RAM and dual layer).  Very fast, 
> very reliable.  The only media I haven't tested it with is dual layer 
> (too expensive).  It wrote to R, RW, and RAM media nicely.
> Both mentioned models can be connected by either USB or firewire to 
> the PC.  Note that by default CentOS kernel does not have support for 
> firewire, so that shouldn't be deciding factor (unless the writer has 
> only firewire, in which case skip it, not going to work with default 
> kernel).  I tested my LG (on Windows box) with both USB and Firewire. 
> Worked fine with both.
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Hi, we actually have a couple LG GSA-4160B in a box that's used as a 
multiple DVD writer. No issues, can write both +R/RW or -R/RW and double 
layer as well (even though I never tried double layer DVDs). We use 
either K3B or a simple script calling growisofs when in need of burning 
2 DVD simultaneously.

Have a nice day

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