[CentOS] Copy and paste in a terminal with the mouse

Michael Best mbest at pendragon.org
Fri Sep 30 18:44:42 UTC 2005

Mike McCarty wrote:
> Your message is not informative enough. Please describe what you did,
> what happened, and what you expected to happen. Something like this:
>     I started a gnome-terminal (window 1)
>     I started another gnome-terminal (window 2)
>     I selected window 2 for focus
>     I moved the mouse pointer over some text with the
>         left button held down in window 2
>     the text was highlighted in window 2
>     I moved the mouse pointer to window 1 and selected
>         focus
>     I pressed the center mouse wheel button
>     I expected a copy of the highlighted text in window 2
>         to appear in window 1
>     the text did not appear
> Then you can get some help. But at present, we have only a very
> vague feeling of what might be wrong.

Gnome terminal supports a copy and paste menu command no?  Although I 
did try the traditional copy and middle click method with two 
gnome-terminals without problem.

Is your mouse configured correctly/working for copy and middle click 
pasting in other applications?


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