[CentOS] OT: SME Server7.0rc1 help request

Mon Apr 3 05:07:57 UTC 2006
Raghavendra Moktali <rmoktali at vsnl.net>

sorry for the post here. I was hoping if someone has seen an error as
described below. google did not give much links.

PIII,450Mhz, Intel board SR440BX, 320MB ram, Segate 7200 rpm 80g gb disk.
cdrom: cdrw-samsung52X/teac32x

Bug report:

SME server Version:
7.0rc1 iso. image verifies md5 on windows xp system.

Problem:  monitor displays the following and freezes.
loading vmlinuz.........
loading initrd.img.............

What's wrong here? I am not able to get to the media check. FC5, WinXP
boot and install. So i am thinking no hardware fault. Changing CD drive
does not help.

previous versions:
Centos 4.2 server CD installs and is fine. I only wanted a UI as i am
not very familar to the command line(read newbie).
I had loaded sme server 6.0 on this system successfully.

I will be grateful if someone can point me in the right direction.
As this is OT, an off list reply also is ok with me.

Raghavendra Moktali