[CentOS] Ssoundblaster audigy and alsamixer

Tue Apr 4 16:50:38 UTC 2006
Lorin B Pino <ljpino at grundyec.net>

I have an interesting problem.  I have no sound through the sound card, 
but I can use the onboard sound ok.  The reason I have no sound is that 
the slider for "audigy analog/digital output jack" is missing in the 
gnome mixer.  The label is there, and a mute box are there, but no 
sliders.  When I bring up alsa mixer in the console, there is a box for 
a slider, but no slider.  According to soundcard detection, the module 
"snd-emu10k1" is installed.  If I switch the speakers to the headphone 
jack, I can get some sound, although it is with a lot of static.  This 
is a dual boot machine with suse 9.2, so I know the card works.  Any ideas?