[CentOS] KDE vs Gnome

Fri Apr 7 15:55:28 UTC 2006
Chris Peikert <c.peikert at co.matagorda.tx.us>

 I think im using Gnome but im not sure. As for using logout command it
didn't work that's why I got puzzled and had to ask online since I couldn't
find the GUI one which was there but apparently im too blind to see.
Speaking of GUI side of things that's why I made the comment about no search
features in CentOS. None of my menus offer a search feature in the GUI so I
would have to research the command line search feature. I know its FIND but
I couldn't figure out how to pull up the Help info on FIND to figure out how
to use it. As for the HELP option in the GUI strangly it doesn't contain any
information so I would assume it didn't get loaded in the Install.


As for the Manuals like I stated before.I just got the valid link last night
to the right manuals and I am in the process of printing them out. Im a newb
to Linux and so far Linux has not been newb friendly even though the people
are. Finding Newb Linux info isn't easy either that's why I been mainly
using this mail list. I know I know everyone says to use Google and if I
would of found it on Google I wouldn't of asked here. Hopefully as I learn
Linux more I will know how to search for the information better to get the
answers I am looking for. 


My next quest is to figure out how to tell if certain hardware drivers are
loaded and if not how to download and load em. I been doing everything from
basic install and when I noticed the NIC Card was working without having to
do anything else I stopped there. Now that I have the manuals printed or
will soon I will go through everything to see what there is to see. 


Thanks again.

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