[CentOS] CentOS 4 and multi TB storage solutions

Sun Apr 9 23:16:04 UTC 2006
Avtar Gill <avtargill at gmail.com>

Hi, I am currently searching for storage solutions to use in an
environment with two CentOS servers.  Both are web/MySQL servers
hosting several web applications that forward HTTP requests for files
to storage servers (all with 3ware cards offering RAID5 arrays) that
collectively serve 10TB of images.  The data grows by 2TB every year.

This has been working so far but this current implementation is facing
growing pains so I'm looking at more scalable options.  Something that
will offer 12TB of storage and room to grow by adding more storage as

Currently the Apple Xserve RAID 7TB offerings connected to a QLogic
SANbox 5200 fibre switch looks very appealing.  Especially considering
the Xserve RAIDs are listed in Red Hat's RHEL HCL and Google searches
have revealed successful RHEL & Xserve implementations .

But since this is still preliminary research having more options for
comparison would be nice.  Has anyone here had previous experience
with the following two products (with CentOS servers of course):



Any opinions about these vendors and/or products would be greatly
appreciated.  Also feel free to suggest similar products.


Avtar Gill