[CentOS] Robust Search Solution (with CentOS 4.3)

Tue Apr 11 13:55:22 UTC 2006
Mike Stankovic <mlists2006 at yahoo.com>

I've got about 10,000 docs I'd like to devise a
search/index for. I found a perl script called
Perlfect that can do that on an old P3 but at the
astronomical time of 7 hours. Another script(cgi/perl)
at hotscripts  can do the same but allows the "rm -rf
/" exploit. DoH!?

Is there anything perl/flatfile that can search/index
faster? This is a  nice  job for an aging P3 in the
corner so php/MySQL is not an option. Don't suggest
beagle/windows solutions as this is a CentOS 4.3 system.

Improve the mailing list by performing a simple search 
before posting and reading the faq/etiquette. 
Thank you!!

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