[CentOS] Postfix on VLANs

Tue Apr 11 14:32:20 UTC 2006
Andrew Vong <andrewvong at finpress.com>

Hi All,

I'm having some problems getting postfix to relay mail. I'd 
appreciate any tips. Perhaps there are some settings which I may have 
missed, somewhere.

The postfix mail server is on VLAN 250 ( whilst I have 
several other users on other VLANs (e.g. 91, 92, 93, etc...,,, etc...).

So, if I had a PC sitting on VLAN 91 with IP, I am 
unable to relay mail BUT checking mail via POP3 works fine.

In /etc/postfix/main.cf, I have set the following:-

mynetworks_style = subnet
mynetworks =,

Do you know what setting I may be missing?


Best Regards,

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