[CentOS] Multiple LUN support

Wed Apr 12 19:03:11 UTC 2006
Mark Elam <melam at mobilygen.com>

Hi all...

I have a scsi Tape library.  Centos only sees the tape drive portion of
the library.  I need to enable Multiple LUN support to get the library
and tape drive recognized.  

I am looking for some help enabling multiple lun support in Centos 4.  I
had a procedure on how to do this in the 2.4 kernel but it doesn't seem
to work in the 2.6.  Any help would be appreciated.


Standard intel server board.
p4 processor
(3) 3-ware controllers
Lsi Logic u320 scsi card
External SCSI tape library.

Worked before on a Whitebox linux 2.4 kernel, just added:
options scsi_mod "max_scsi_luns=16"
to /etc/modules.conf and rebuilt the initrd image, then reboot.  All
worked fine.  But Whitebox is crap and was giving me probs and also want
everything standardized on CentOS!