[CentOS] system language

Tue Apr 18 04:35:41 UTC 2006
José Alburquerque <jaalburquerque at cox.net>

boricua wrote:

>i believe [not sure] during installation i picked secondary language Spanish [puerto rico]
>i dont see it either @ desktop manage under language [ i do see spanish and spanish mexico
>and i dont see either under system/preferences-langague, all i see is english.
>how could i add another language after instalation and how could i add languages to
>system preferences

Were you able to figure out your language problem?  I myself added a 
second language (also Spanish, but Dominican Republic Spanish) when I 
first installed CentOS 4.  When I run the language settings from the 
menus I actually see the two languages ('Spanish - Dominican Republic' 
and 'English - USA').

I did a little research and found that there is a directory called 
/usr/lib/locale/ (part of the glibc-common package) in which there a 
bunch of other language locales.  I think the ones you'd be looking for 
are the directories '/usr/lib/locale/es_PR/' and 

But to have the system use these locales (and have them included in the 
language list).  You would also have to look at the file 
'/etc/sysconfig/i18n'.  Here's what mine looks like:


As you can see the 'SUPPORTED' definition includes two entries, one for 
English, 'en_US.UTF-8:en_US:en', and one for Spanish 
'es_DO.UTF-8:es_DO:es'.  You might add something similar to my Spanish 
entry in your '/etc/sysconfig/i18n' file (use PR instead of DO in the 
Spanish entry).  I think this should do the trick for you.

I'm sorry it took so long to get back to you with an answer, but I just 
figured it out.  If you have it figured out just ignore the e-mail.  
Good luck.


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