[CentOS] qla4xxx on x86_64

Tue Apr 18 14:52:19 UTC 2006
Stephan A. Rickauer <stephan.rickauer at ini.phys.ethz.ch>


we are trying to get a QLogic 4050C flying on CentOS 4.3 in an Opteron
system ... So far I was able to download and install the drivers from
QL's website. I can also successfully connect to my remote iscsi device
now, but as soon as I access it (e.g. formating the device) the
connections "hangs" and does not recover until I hardly reboot the
machine. Is anyone else experiencing problems with QLogic iSCSI cards?
Is anyone happy with them on CentOS? ;)

Thanks for your comments,


 Stephan A. Rickauer

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