[CentOS] SCSI install to IDE install - help

Mon Apr 24 17:47:06 UTC 2006
Erick Perez <eaperezh at gmail.com>

Hi, a customer has a Centos installation on SCSI disk (aic7xxx), there are
some programs that he no longer have the installation media (some accounting
Due to the SCSI disk going bad we must tranfer the installation to some
other disks. SCSI disks are very difficult to find here and must be ordered
(and wait about 45 days to arrive at the dealer).
Can I clone the SCSI disk to a IDE Disk with a clone utility such as Acronis
TrueImage and then rebuild the boot loader?
The SCSI is 72gb with the bootloader, one swap partition and the second
partition is /
The customer will maintain the exactly same server, we will only change the
storage media.

some other things to consider?


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