Yum Bug 554 Slow Progress [was [CentOS] Lame update from Dag's repo fails for me, any help? [SOLVED]]

Thu Apr 27 17:33:10 UTC 2006
William L. Maltby <BillsCentOS at triad.rr.com>

Following up on 


wherein Dag et al spaketh

  >>... Public key for lame-3.96.1-3.2.el4.rf.i386.rpm is not installed.
  > A solution to this problem would be if Yum also explained for what
  > repository the key was missing (not only for what package). If you'd be so
  > kind to help out, you could report this on Yum's bugzilla (and post the
  > bugzilla id here as a reference)...

  Bugzilla ID 554

    http://devel.linux.duke.edu/bugzilla/show bug.cgi?id=554

status has changed from "new" to "assigned".


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