[CentOS] CentOS/Apache Web Farm

Thu Apr 27 18:42:14 UTC 2006
Todd Reed <treed at astate.edu>

I'm going to start this message with the CentOS list serve...



I am looking into building a Web Server Farm using CentOS.  Has anyone
done this before?  Could anyone offer some ideas I need to look at or in
to?  The Servers will be independent of each other and not SANS
attached.  That's the part that is throwing me off!  


I will be using some sort of load balancing, too.  My ideal setup would
be to have 3 servers.  2 servers in the main data center and 1 server in
a remote location.  The remote location would not be load balanced, but
the data would need to be replicated.


Could anyone offer any advice or suggestions on how to pull this off?
I've spent the past 3 days looking.  I've found different ideas, but
each have their uniqueness!  What are some actual real-case scenarios?



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