[CentOS] newbie kernel question

Sat Apr 1 21:09:55 UTC 2006
Maciej Żenczykowski <maze at cela.pl>

Recompiling the kernel is unsupported, as such the default kernel with all 
useful extra options turned on (ie. using the same source as the normal 
kernel but with more modules built) is precisely what the centosplus 
'unsupported' kernel provides.  Why recompile when you can have the _same_ 
without all the hassle.  Remember that CentOS provides maximal 
compatibility with RH - which means that the default kernel has the same 
default configuration as the RH default kernel.  RH doesn't want to 
support many things (because they lack the engineers and financial 
incentive to support every possible configuration under the sun) as such 
they keep many things (which they haven't tested, or consider unstable, or 
don't feel like supporting) turned off.  This is the default RH-compatible 
kernel.  Obviously, just because RH doesn't want to support something 
doesn't mean we can't use it (we don't have RH support anyway...) - 
however such stuff is _even more_ use at your own risk.  That's what the 
unsupported means - use at your own risk (btw. recompiling by yourself is 
an _EVEN_ GREATER risk).

As for recompiling you need to get the kernel src.rpm and use that, but 
there's really no need for it.

On Sat, 1 Apr 2006, Nick Smith wrote:

> cant i just recompile the kernel with reiserfs support? where is the
> documentation for recompiling the kernel? i can enable it myself, i
> dont need a special kernel do i? ive never had to have one for any
> other distro, if i can get the kernel source i should be able to just
> "make menuconfig" and turn on what i want right?  why do i have to go
> into unsupported territory to get a kernel with the support i need? is
> this just the RH/CentOS way? sorry for all the stupid questions ive
> just never used a RH type distro before.
> thanks
> On 4/1/06, Jim Perrin <jperrin at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 4/1/06, Nick Smith <nick.smith79 at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> is there a website you could point me to with some documentation on
>>> this? the archives dont really tell you how to do it, just that it
>>> exists.
>> http://mirror.centos.org/centos-4/4/centosplus/Readme.txt
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