[CentOS] newbie kernel question

Sun Apr 2 00:00:54 UTC 2006
Jim Perrin <jperrin at gmail.com>

> People are still seemingly deciding whats "right" for a person without
> knowing their situation.

I agree, however that's the basis of a distribution. People start with
a set of assumptions about the user and the software they want and the
manner in which they want it. You *have* to make this set of
assumptions for a binary distribution. Even gentoo makes some
assumptions about what's 'right' for a user in the options they script
into the ebuilds.

> No one is asking for support on a kernel they've
> compiled themselves, nor are they expecting it. They aren't going to slap
> Centos when a problem arises from it and blame them.

It might just be from having worked tech support or my general
disposition, but asking for a method of how to do things *is* in my
opinion asking for support, and people do bitch when instructions
don't work. The forums have examples of such, as do the developers
listed as contacts on the website (no I'm not refering to the tuttle

> I fully understand its not a Centos Supported issue in that sense due to its
> position, but isn't this mainly what this email list is for as well (i.e to
> bounce ideas, problems, solutions between each other who have hit a problem
> and possibly come up with a solution albeit official or unnoficial whatever
> that means in this context)?

Absolutely. However as stated in my message, I pointed the way in a
previous email thread within the last week or so, similar topic and in
the ML archives. My only reason for posting my reply in this thread
seemed to be the request for a "How-To" (which to me implies support)
and a seeming desire to rebuild for no reason (the requested feature
is already provided in the unsupported kernel). Again, my opinions
here. Nothing official blah blah blah.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
-Arthur C. Clarke