[CentOS] Network issue

Sun Apr 2 17:59:37 UTC 2006
Denis Croombs <denis at croombs.org>

>> I have a Centos 3.x server install that has been working for months 
>> now but is now going the error "resource temparary unavailable" any 
>> idea what normally causes this error ?
>could you be a tad more specific as to where you're getting that error and
under what conditions.

Thanks for the reply.
The error is displayed anytime you try an use the network, IE ping to
default router from the command prompt.
I now longer have access as it is the USA and I am in the UK, the networking
is no longer woring from the system, I have asked the local person to change
the network card, but that still gives the same error.
Weh you go an IFCONFIG no errors are reported and the link light is on all
the time, and the activity light does flash.