[CentOS] 64 bit

Sun Apr 2 21:57:54 UTC 2006
Maciej Żenczykowski <maze at cela.pl>

What you can always do is install a second 32bit copy of CentOS on your 
machine and boot into it (or run it through vmware or something like that) 
and compile anything which doesn't compile clean in the 64bit copy. 
Create a i386.rpm from the compilation on the 32bit copy and import and 
install on the 64bit copy - it'll usually worka charm.  Sure it's not an 
ideal solution, but it does work (especially since you often already have 
a computer running 32bit CentOS4 somewhere and you don't actually need to 
do it on the 64bit machine...)

Of course, personally I haven't yet run into 32bit compilation/execution 
problems on my 64bit machines... but, then I haven't run all that much 
development on them (still working mostly on a dual 32bit xeon).


On Sun, 2 Apr 2006, Robert Spangler wrote:

> Hello,
> Presently I am considering using CentOS as my base OS.  I am wondering about a
> few things though.  I like KVirc as my irc program.  I have had issue with
> compiling it in 64bit mode under Fedora 3 and was todl it was because Fedora
> installs both 32 and 64 bit libs and the compiler didn't understnad which to
> use.  Will this be an issue with CentOS 4 also?
> If I install the 64 bit version how much trouble am I going to have when
> runnig 32 bit programs?