[CentOS] 64 bit

Sun Apr 2 22:04:19 UTC 2006
William L. Maltby <BillsCentOS at triad.rr.com>

On Sun, 2006-04-02 at 21:52 +0000, Robert Spangler wrote:
> Hello,
> Presently I am considering using CentOS as my base OS.  I am wondering about a 
> few things though.  I like KVirc as my irc program.  I have had issue with 
> compiling it in 64bit mode under Fedora 3 and was todl it was because Fedora 
> installs both 32 and 64 bit libs and the compiler didn't understnad which to 
> use.  Will this be an issue with CentOS 4 also?

SNB. It is available already in the dries repository:

kvirc.i386       3.2.0-2.2.el4.rf    dries
kvirc-debuginfo.i386 3.2.0-2.2.el4.rf    dries

> If I install the 64 bit version how much trouble am I going to have when 
> runnig 32 bit programs?

From rom what I've read here on the lists, 32 bitters should have no problem
running *if* you are using things made to work together. The extras,
dries, ... directories have stuff that is made for each other.

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