[CentOS] Re: yum update error

Tue Apr 4 01:25:00 UTC 2006
Sungsoo Kim <xingshou at gmail.com>

>> I wanted to update to CentOS 4.3 from CentOS 4.2.
>> While updating packages using yum, there was serveral error messages,
>> and I've found that some packages has not been updated.
>> So I tried to update again but the packages would not be updated.
>> I attached the messages shown below.
> Doing something like:
> rpm -q --scripts hal diskdumputils squid nscd initscripts kernel
> reveals that all of these packages that are mentioned are trying to create 
> or update a user. So something is wrong on your system that is required 
> for all of these packages.
> You can use the above scripts on your currently installed packages to see 
> what is required to work prior to installation.

Thank you for your reply! It was very helpful to me.

I have figured out why the errors occurred. I changed to SELINUX=permissive
in the /etc/sysconfig/selinux about 2 months ago. Today I have found several 
files in /bin, /sbin, /usr/bin, /usr/sbin do not have context when I see the 
directory list by 'ls -lZ' command.

I cannot understand why they have blank context. Anyway I have restored 
context information by restorecon command. And I could finish successfully 
'yum update'.

Sungsoo Kim