[CentOS] Slow clock

Tue Apr 4 12:26:40 UTC 2006
Gary Hodder <vk2kcf at vk2kcf.com>

On Tue, 2006-04-04 at 11:58 +0100, Will McDonald wrote:
> On 04/04/06, Gary Hodder <vk2kcf at vk2kcf.com> wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > is there a fix for the clock running slow on Centos 4.3, it looks to be
> > running at about 25 to 30% of its normal speed.
> Is it just the CMOS battery running down?
> You could run NTPD to keep the system clock up to date. It might also
> be worth checking old threads on the subject.
> e.g. http://lists.centos.org/pipermail/centos/2006-February/thread.html#60641
Thanks for the quick reply Will.
The link sparked up the antimatter between the ears.
noapic nolapic in the grub kernel options fixed it.