[CentOS] Backup options.

Tue Apr 4 23:56:55 UTC 2006
Dale Sykora <dalen at czexan.net>

Erin Fortenberry wrote:
> I am a long time FreeBSD user and have been using dump/restore for many
> years for disk to disk backups.
> Now I am getting more and more into FC4 and CentOS, but am I stuck on only
> using tar/star for backups?

I use a variation of snapshot + dump for fast backups on a fc4 box.  I 
would expect it to work on centos as well.  Basically I use LVM and 
create a volume group on a large drive.  Then create a logical partition 
using 50% or less of the volume group.  Once a week I create a read only 
snapshot of the logical partition which takes about 2 seconds.  Then I 
dump the snapshot to tape and delete the snapshot partition.  I don't 
even have unmount the filesystem so it works well on a live system 
(atleast in my experience).