[CentOS] Backup options.

Wed Apr 5 13:40:25 UTC 2006
Josh Kelley <joshkel at gmail.com>

On 4/4/06, Erin Fortenberry <Erin at fortenberry.net> wrote:
> This is where I sit with FreeBSD. In version 5.x and up, you can snapshot
> the slice (partition) to make sure everything goes nice. It seems after
> reading http://dump.sourceforge.net/ that we are not there yet on Linux.

Earlier versions of CentOS 4 had bugs relating to snapshots, but those
should all be fixed in CentOS 4.3.  (Note that the FAQ on
dump.sourceforge.net is a few years old.)  I think that CentOS 3 also
has stable snapshotting capability, but I'm not certain.

Josh Kelley