[CentOS] How to install network Printers

Thu Apr 6 16:54:17 UTC 2006
Chris Peikert <c.peikert at co.matagorda.tx.us>

No wonder the wget command didn't work nor did I recognize it. I was trying
to download the books on my Windows Machine because I couldn't figure out
how to install a printer on the CentOS machine. When I saw wget im thinking
"odd I never seen that in windows however there are probably a lot of
commands I haven't seen since I don't use the command line anyways".  Johnny
Hughes gave me the link to the PDF books off redhats site but there is so
many im not sure which to get.

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Chris Peikert wrote:
> Odd.. wget is not a recognized command. I never even herd of wget so it
> doesn't surprise me. Know of any other way? I am also looking for books to
> learn Linux since I have only been messing with it for...2 weeks now. I
> looked at the dummy books but they don't cover Red Hat. So am I suppose to
> get a dummy book for each flavor of linux or how does this work? Since I
> using CentOS do I get the Red Hat dummies or what?

As root:

yum install wget

Then issue the commands.
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