[CentOS] cheep laser printer recomendations

Thu Apr 6 21:04:57 UTC 2006
Chris Mauritz <chrism at imntv.com>

rado wrote:
> Hi!
> 	I would like to hear what printers go good w/our operating system.
> 	While back, I should have checked w/y'all like I'm doing now but I just
> went ahead and bought a Konica-Minolta PagePro 1350W. Now that W at the
> end of 1350 is a huge word that means WINDOWS! grrrr! It's a great
> printer 21pgs/min etc but it doesn't like linux at all and their tech
> spt will tell you as much. I googled round while back...there is some
> stuff there w/it and windows but I have had no luck. I got it sold for
> what I pd. 150 bucks and now I want something good that we know works
> really well w/linux..
> Whatcha all think?

Anything that supports postscript should be fine.  Most HP printers are 
also fine, though some of the lower end new models are troublesome.  I 
am using all of the following without incident:

HP LaserJet 4ML
HP LaserJet 2100
HP Color LaserJet 2550
HP Color LaserJet 4500

There's a pretty good list of what works here: