[CentOS] Screen sizes

Fri Apr 7 01:53:47 UTC 2006
Paul <subsolar at subsolar.com>

On Thu, 2006-04-06 at 15:22 -0400, William L. Maltby wrote:
> On Thu, 2006-04-06 at 13:32 -0500, Chris Peikert wrote:
> > How do you resize the screen to fit everything in it? I cant tell what
> > the resolution is set at but would like to change it. 
> Do I detect a brand new user here? If so, your Q's are just beginning.
> Be careful not to alienate the ones who may be able to help. Besides the
> books you mentioned earlier, be sure and google, etc. Also, check out
> the FAQ for CentOS for some tips that help all of us.
> If you are neededing to get more text into a browser, often a <ctl> and
> + or <ctl> and - will change fonts. In xterms, you need to use the View
> menu to do it.

A much simpler way for a new user to do it would be to go into the
"Applications" panel menu, then go into "System Settings" and select the
"Display" application.

This is assuming you are using the system in GUI mode, since you are
asking a question about changing display resolution probably a good bet.

Nothing like making things more complex for a new user than needed.