[CentOS] Screen sizes

Fri Apr 7 01:56:12 UTC 2006
Paul <subsolar at subsolar.com>

On Thu, 2006-04-06 at 15:44 -0400, William L. Maltby wrote:
> On Thu, 2006-04-06 at 14:28 -0500, Chris Peikert wrote:
> > Yea im very new to Linux. The Ctl-alt command didn't work nor did the CTL by
> > itself. What is X or the X configure? As for the documentation for CentOS I
> > went to Red hats website through a link someone gave me but there is so many
> > documents I don't know which ones I am suppose to download. Before I waste
> > my time downloading them all I would like someone to give me a better heads
> > up on what to download first. Everyone says to Google the information but I
> > cant seem to find anything for a beginner.
> Huh? The very first line in a google advanced search using "linux
> beginner user" returned this site.
> www.reallylinux.com - Website for Linux Beginners
> And I assure you there are lots more.
> First, office procedure: considered bad form to top post.
> Ok. Also, your own machine may have a lot to help you. Start
> browsing /usr/share doc.
> Do "man bash".   # No quotes needed
> Do ls on /bin and /usr/bin and pick some interesting looking files
> (often intro is pretty good place to start) and do
> "man <whatever-you-found-interesting>"   # no quotes
> > <snip original posting>
> Unlike WinBlows, *IX systems demand some dedication and work to be "user
> friendly". Like the school yard tough, when you have demonstrated your
> mettle, he often is quite friendly.

Not quite true ... if you want to do things bare metal then it is, but
most things have nice GUIs in the "System Settings" menu if you are just
going to be a desktop user, ie not running a server.