[CentOS] How to install network Printers

Fri Apr 7 02:05:34 UTC 2006
Paul <subsolar at subsolar.com>

On Thu, 2006-04-06 at 07:31 -0500, Chris Peikert wrote:
> Ok... I am new to CentOS as you can guess. So I have no clue what Samba is.
> I looked for LPD on my XP box and couldn't find any articles on how to
> install an LPD port on my pc. The weblink someone posted as well was very
> difficult to follow so can someone give me a more easier approach to
> installing a printer? Let me give a few details that will help.
> My computer is Windows XP and the printer is an HP 4200. I want the CentOS
> to print to that printer. Its already shared out. So now how do I make the
> connection and install the drivers?

If you are running the default Gnome GUI desktop go the the
"Applications" menu on the panel, select "System Settings" and then the
"Printing" application.  It should walk you though setting up a
Windows/SMB printing.

One thing you may need is a windows user name & password to print to the
windows printer if the "Guest" account is turned off in windows.

Paul Berger