Fri Apr 7 13:47:56 UTC 2006
Chris Peikert <c.peikert at co.matagorda.tx.us>

Reason I asked here was I know I would get a better answer than google. I
have had terrible luck in googling. I swear it hates me sometimes. I believe
its an international conspiracy of Google Gnomes that purposely hands me bad
information when I try to google something. I retrieve good information
about 25% of the time when I use google and scarey enough it's the better
search engine.

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On Apr 7, 2006, at 8:54 AM, Chris Peikert wrote:

> While downloading almost all the guilds I came across a SELINUX  
> Guide. Whats that for?
dude.  seriously.


i'm not trying to be mean to you, but: when you have a question, your  
first impulse should *not* be to email the list.  if you're starting  
out with Linux (and it sounds like you are), you'll have a LOT of  
questions, and if you post them all to the list, you will soon  
exhaust people's goodwill and stop getting answers.  and some of  
those questions will be hard ones, and you won't be able to figure  
them out just by Googling, but you'll have pissed off the list, and  
so you'll be out of luck.

have you read ESR's "How To Ask Questions The Smart Way"?


it was posted to the list recently, and i'd recommend you read it and  
start doing what it says. :)

alternately, you could buy support from Red Hat.


If this were played upon a stage now, I could condemn it as an  
improbable fiction. - Fabian, Twelfth Night, III,v

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