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Fri Apr 7 14:32:58 UTC 2006
Chris Peikert <c.peikert at co.matagorda.tx.us>

Thanks for the log out info. I found it under the Actions tab as specified.
I swore I looked through there before and never found it. As for the manuals
I been needing them for 2 weeks now and last night finally someone sent me a
good link to where the manuals were that I could download. I found others
but they were abbreviated so I couldn't tell what manual was for what and
there was no readme file listed anywhere that explained what the
abbreviations ment. Now that I started downloading them and printing them
today I will have something to help me out now instead of bugging yall.
Thanks again.

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On Apr 7, 2006, at 9:43 AM, Chris Peikert wrote:

> I was unable to find a xorg.conf file. Bloody Linux does not have a  
> search
> feature to find the files and I have been unsuccessful in locating it.

linux does, in fact, have several such features.


> When
> I go to the GUI portion to change resolutions I have the same  
> options as you
> listed below. As for rebooting vs logging out ... I still haven't  
> figured
> out how to log out.

have you read the Step By Step Guide, which i and others have now  
recommended to you several times?

section 1, subsection 8.  "Logging Out".


please read.


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