[CentOS] Re: Chances of 4.3+ version with latest kernel

Fri Apr 7 14:40:58 UTC 2006
Kay Diederichs <kay.diederichs at uni-konstanz.de>

Jerry Geis wrote:

> All,
> I had a terrible time installing 4.2 on an ASUS NFORCE x86_64 motherboard.
> I did manage to get it working... Also the compaq V4000 laptop same issues.
> I thought I would try 4.3 and see if it was better... Seems to be the 
> same really.
> All the "fixes" the kernel needs were not included in the 4.3 kernel.
> What are the changes of a 4.3+ version that runs a 2.6.16 kernel? I know 
> this is
> not compatible to RH stuff but it sure would be sweet!
> The centos team is doing a great job.
> Again... just a thought.
> Jerry

I've been compiling 2.6.x kernels for use with Centos-4 for quite some 
time; never found a problem with that.

The easiest way to get started is to grab the kernel from 
ftp.kernel.org, unpack in /usr/src, copy the config-xxx file from /boot 
to that directory as .config, and then

make oldconfig (hit RETURN quite often)
make modules
make modules_install
make install