[CentOS] Thanks

Sat Apr 8 00:38:20 UTC 2006
Sudev Barar <sbarar at gmail.com>

On 07/04/06, Chris Peikert <c.peikert at co.matagorda.tx.us> wrote:
> I was unable to find a xorg.conf file. Bloody Linux does not have a search
> feature to find the files and I have been unsuccessful in locating it. When
> I go to the GUI portion to change resolutions I have the same options as you
> listed below. As for rebooting vs logging out ... I still haven't figured
> out how to log out.

man find
man locate
man updatedb

Use find to lookup files.
Run updatedb and then locate to lookup file names very fast.

With grep you can not only locate files but also "look" into them for
a particular text string(s)

....some thing about bloody Linux??
Sudev Barar
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