[CentOS] Best Partitioning Tool?

Tue Apr 11 02:52:09 UTC 2006
Dale Sykora <dalen at czexan.net>

Mark Sargent wrote:
> Hi All,
> which is the best tool for partitioning, as I forgot to bring in my copy 
> of PartitionMagic(DOH!!) and need to resize an NTFS partition today. I'm 
> using XP Pro at the moment. I wish to resize a 38GB partition, primary, 
> to 20GB and use the rest for a Linux Install(CentOS 4-3). Cheers.
ntfs resize can do this
It is available on Knoppix and probably many other live Linux cds.
You might find ntfsclone useful too for bare metal ntfs backups.