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Tue Apr 11 14:11:40 UTC 2006
Todd Cary <todd at aristesoftware.com>

Chris -

FWIW I fall into a category that is part newbie and part experienced in 
that I have been using Linux since it's first release *BUT* I just use 
it to run a server so I can have FTP for my daily updates to the 
applications I maintain for my client and have proof sheets of my photos 
for the local newspaper and other entities.

Once the server is running, it is left alone...sometimes for over a 
year, so anything I may know is just about forgotten (my daily work is 
in Windows).  This forum has been a great asset for me, though I will 
from time to time use a forum more newbie oriented if I know from past 
experience that I "should really know the answer".


Chris Peikert wrote:
> I couldn't help but take notice at some of the responses that were 
> coming in from when I was posting questions due to my ignorance of 
> Linux. Some people were quick to help, some advanced users I am sure 
> ignored me because im not worth their time, and then some other users 
> tried to help but was unable to dumb their speech down to newb levels. 
> However I am thankful that there is people here to help out. I am 
> hoping someone with CentOS will take notice at my difficulty in 
> finding the bloody manuals and will put a link for future newbs that 
> says "Download Manuals Here".  I also hope in the future if I have 
> questions I will be able to get the answers I seek and those who 
> helped me before will be able to help me again.
> Thanks
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